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Trekking Mampodre Regional Park and Riaño Mountain

The Riaño and Mampodre Mountain Regional Park is located in the eastern part of the León Mountain. A very beautiful place that is in an excellent state of conservation, due, among other things, to depopulation and lack of investment and infrastructure in the area, caused by the abandonment of the emptied Spain, which from the point of view nature may have to be thanked, but not from the point of view of health, education, communication, etc. to which the population that decides to make or continue with their life in this and other similar places is subjected. But here there is much more than landscape, there are centuries of history written in the towns, in the valleys, in the churches, in the cabins of the ports and on their paths but also in its people , some settlers who, over the centuries They have made their lives compatible with the conservation of nature . Some settlers without whom these lands would not be as they are today and to whom we should be grateful.

With a peculiar geological nature formed by a compact mass of limestone, broken and spectacularly modeled. Its characteristic landscape responds to two types of erosion: glacier and karstic . In the Riaño and Mampodre Mountain Regional Park you can enjoy Nature in its almost original state, with a very rich and varied fauna among which we can find bears, wolves, chamois, eagles, vultures, Egyptian vultures, eagle owls, roe deer, wild boar, badgers... and even European bison in the Anciles valley.

The beech forest makes up its main forest mass, although holly, yew, chestnut, oak and beech trees also appear. Very interesting but with restricted access is the Pinar de Lillo. We can also enjoy riverside vegetation in the fertile plains and the course of the rivers.

For four days, we will visit this beautiful area of the Montaña de León , its most unique corners and its most important peaks, the Gilbo , the Yordas, Peñas Pintas and La Cruz, which will give us one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Cantabrian Mountains and the neighboring Picos de Europa.


Meeting point: Maraña Hostel.             Duration: 4 days.

Day 1: On our first day of trekking, we will depart from the town of Maraña towards the nearby Macizo del Mampodre, to carry out the integral of said massif, ascending its most important summits, La Polinosa and La Cruz (2,197m) , the culminating point of the massif, the Pico Salamanquino and the Cervunal and visiting its glacial cirque, through which we will walk to go to the two summits that close it on its eastern slope, the Pico Mediodia and the Valjarto, making a circular route that we will close by descending towards the Mampodre lagoon and the top of Loma del Acebal, from where after a short descent we will return again to the Maraña hostel, where we will spend our first night.

Distance:  14 km             Slope:  + 1,520m  - 1,520m

Day 2: Ascent to one of the most emblematic and representative peaks of the Montaña de Riaño, the Gilbo peak and, although with a modest height (1,678m), without a doubt the most beautiful. A really appetizing cover for all mountaineers, due to the silhouette that it presents from the town of Riaño , similar to the Cervino or Matterhorn, hence the nickname of this mountain, "El Cervino Leonés" with exceptional views towards the town of Riaño, the Anciles valley, Peñas Pintas, the reservoir's body of water and the unmistakable Espigüete, a symbol of the nearby Fuentes Carrionas massif. Return to Maraña where we will rest in the lodge.

Distance:  9km        Slope:  + 650m  - 650m

Day 3: Today we will approach the town of Las Salas, where we will make a circular route to the Peñas Pintas , the peaks closest to the Riaño reservoir dam. We will leave for the town of Salamon along a beautiful path between beech and holm oak forests. Without reaching Salamon, we turn off towards the Anciles valley , along a track that climbs towards the Anciles pass. We will surround Peñas Pintas by its northern slope, to ascend a channel that leaves us on its crest, which we will cross to make its two main peaks and enjoy its impressive views. We descend towards Las Salas , where we will pick up the cars to return to the Maraña hostel, after a beautiful route.   

Distance:  15Km             Slope:  + 1,530m  - 1,530m

Day 4: On our last day we travel to the town of Liegos, which we will cross to the Loris pass, from where we will depart to make the ascent to one of the most representative peaks of the Riaño and Mampodre Mountain Regional Park, Pico Yordas . (1,957m). We will walk through the valley of San Pelayo to enter the beautiful beech forest of Tendeña , to reach the Tejal spring and then the Baguyoso pass from which we deviate towards the summit of Pico Yordas. After enjoying its views, we will return to the pass again to descend along the south face towards the Burín pass , from which a small descent returns us to our starting point and end of this beautiful adventure. Return to Maraña lodge to rest and enjoy our last night.

Distance:  14 km             Slope:  + 860m  - 860m

Total distance:  52Km         Total slope:  + 4,560m  - 4,560m


It includes:

  • Certified Mountain Guide Service with AEGM-UIMLA accreditation.

  • Four nights of accommodation in the Maraña hostel.

  • Four half boards (dinner + breakfast) at the Maraña hostel.

  • Collective security material.

  • Accident and RC insurance .


Does not include:

  • Transport.

  • Any other item not mentioned as included.



  • In the hostel you can buy a picnic for each day, avoiding carrying weight.

  • There are blankets in the hostel. Carrying a thin sack or a sheet sack is enough.

  • The route may be altered depending on weather conditions, availability at the hostel and/or other circumstances, always keeping in mind the safety of the group.


Price: €450*  (VAT included). * Price per person

Group of 4 to 8 people

Picos Outdoor only obtains benefits from the guide service                                     

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