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Anillo de Picos
Anillo de Picos Vindio 4 days - Western Massif

El Macizo del Cornión o Macizo Occidental de Los Picos de Europa, fue el origen de la creacion del Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa, originalmente denominado Parque Nacional de la Montaña de Covadonga, y primer Parque Nacional de España. Es el de mayor extensión y variedad de paisajes de los tres que configuran el Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa. Este macizo, reune los contrastes del intenso verde de las vegas pastoriles, con la aridez de la roca caliza característica de los Picos, junto a la espectacular singularidad de los Lagos de Covadonga. Es el macizo que acoge las mayores masas boscosas, hayedos de extraordinaria belleza, y donde, al igual que en los otros Macizos, la falta de agua en altura es un problema.

Durante cuatro días, recorreremos el Macizo del Cornión, alojandonos en sus refugios y conociendo algunos de los lugares más emblemáticos y hermosos de este espectacular macizo del Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa.

The Cornión Massif or Western Massif of the Picos de Europa, was the origin of the creation of the Picos de Europa National Park, originally called Covadonga Mountain National Park, and the first National Park in Spain. It is the one with the greatest extension and variety of landscapes of the three that make up the Picos de Europa National Park. This massif brings together the contrasts of the intense green of the pastoral meadows, with the aridity of the limestone rock characteristic of the Peaks, together with the spectacular singularity of the Lakes of Covadonga. It is the massif that houses the largest forest masses, beech trees of extraordinary beauty, and where, as in the other Massifs, the lack of water in height is a problem.

For four days, we'll tour the Massif of Cornión, staying in their shelters and knowing some of the most emblematic and beautiful places of this spectacular massif of the Picos de Europa National Park.


Meeting point: Posada de Valdeón.                   Duration: 4 days.

Day 1: We'll starting the adventure in Posada de Valdeón, the capital of the beautiful valley of Valdeón. On this day, we'll overcome one of the most important slopes of the Cornión Massif. From Posada we will go to the Tombo viewpoint, near Cordiñanes, to descend the Monte de Corona and visiting the Chorco de los Lobos to the pretty town of Cain (460m), from where we'll enter the spectacular Cares Gorge, covering its most beautiful section, crossing bridges and tunnels built in unlikely places, up to the Bolín Bridge, where the dizzying ascent of more than 1,000 meters of unevenness begins in barely 3 kilometers away, through thetrea channel, towards the Vega de Ario refuge (1,630m), where we'll spend our first night of trekking.From the Vega de Ario refuge we can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the Picos de Europa.


Day 2: On our second day of trekking, we'll descend towards the Lakes of Covadonga (1,100m), crossing the most beautiful Vegas of the Picos de Europa, such as Parres or Belbín. In the Lakes of Covadonga a well-deserved picnic awaits us to ascend through fertile plains and into the heights of the Western massif, up to the Vegarredonda Refuge (1,410m), where we'll spend our second night. Precious day that transits through symbolic places of the Picos de Europa, such as the Lakes themselves or the Pozo del Alemán, a place whose name is due to Roberto Frasinelli, exceptional character.


Day 3: During this long and hard day, we will follow one of the most classic routes of the Massif, crossing the east from North to South, through the characteristic karst landscape of the high altitudes of Picos de Europa, where the chaos of the limestone rock reigns between jous and hills, making orientation not easy at all. This is a good day to see chamois, a characteristic animal of the National Park. During this classic route, we will be accompanied by the maximum heights of the Massif, passing through vega orchardto enjoy the impressive view of the South wall (600 meters of unevenness) of Peña Santa de Castilla, maximum height of the Cornión with 2,596 meters of height. From this plain, from which we will also enjoy beautiful views of the Central massif, we'll descend the Frade pass towards the Vegabaño Refuge (1,320m), located in a magnificent place surrounded by beautiful forests, to enjoy a well-deserved rest, after a long and hard day.


Day 4: On our third daystarting from Vegabaño Refuge, we'll make a long and progressive descent through forests, meadows, sheepfolds, and the most important towns of the beautiful Leonese valley of Valdeón, bordering the Cornión massif on its southernmost slope to reach our starting point and finish this spectacular trekking through The Picos de Europa.




  • Service of Mountain Guide with accreditation AEGM-UIMLA.

  • Three nights refuges accommodation.

  • Three half board (dinner+breakfast) in the refuges.

  • Collective security material.

  • Accident insurance and CR.

  • Picos Outdoor breathable 42k t-shirt.


Does not include:

  • Transport.

  • Any other item not mentioned as included.



  • In the refuges you can buy picnics for each day, avoiding carrying weight.

  • In the refuges there are blankets. Carrying a thin sleeping bag or a cotton sheet sleeping bag is enough.

  • The route may be altered depending on weather conditions, availability in refuges and/or other circumstances, always thinking about the safety of the group.


Price: €380* (VAT included)  * Price per person

Group of 4 to 8 people

Picos Outdoor only benefits from the guide service

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