In Picos Outdoor our Guides the experience on the mountains put . Our goal is that you enjoy the Mountain safely, create a good atmosphere in the group and you take a great memory. You'll need a good physical condition, but above all you want to have a good time .

  To evaluate the activities, we use the MIDE method, an information and prevention tool for avoid mountain accidents, created so that hikers choose the itinerary that best suits their preparation and motivation. Its author is Alberto Paris Roche and it is recommended by Civil Protection, FEDME, FAM, ... among other entities. For further information visit www.montanasegura.com

  The MIDE consists of two information blocks for each route:

  • Physical information: Hours , Accumulate difference of altitude, Horizontal distance and type of route (round trip, circular or one way)

  • Technical information (1 to 5 points): Environment, Itinierary, Difficulty in movement and Effort required.


  With this information, you can assess whether you are technically and/or physically able to participate in an activity. We hope this method helps you. If you have questions, contact us .