High Route of Perdidos Massif - Pyrenees
Trekking Pirineos Alta Ruta Perdidos

The circular route of La Alta Ruta de los Perdidos  It is a circular route that runs through two of the great massifs of the Pyrenees, Monte Perdido and Vignemale , joining several refuges, both in the Aragonese Pyrenees and the French Pyrenees (we will only stay in five of them), since we will carry out the route in five days.

This circular route is of extreme beauty, being able to enjoy the great Pyrenean valleys, its most important cirques, its highest waterfalls and its beautiful peaks, surrounding the third highest in the Pyrenees, Monte Perdido.

For five days we will enjoy this classic Pyrenees route , a must-do activity for all mountaineers, digging some of its peaks if the weather and our legs allow it.



Meeting point: Pineta car park.                Duration: 5 days.  


Day 1: Pineta – Espuguettes refuge . We begin our adventure heading towards the Balcón de Pineta and ascending to it through the beautiful Cinca waterfalls through endless zigzags. From the Pineta balcony, one of the most spectacular and impressive places in the Pyrenees, where we will enjoy a beautiful view of the Pineta Valley, as well as the North Face of Monte Perdido, with its retreating glacier, the North Cilindro and background the crest of the Astazus. To the right we find Lake Marboré and the Brecha y Refugio de Tucarroya , where we headed to cross the Cirque de Estaubé. Once we have descended the Tucarroya channel, we will head towards the Col de Alans, from where we will see the Espuguettes Refuge , where we will rest after a hard but excellent stage. The views from the Refuge are worth the effort.


Distance:  16km             Slope:  + 1,510m.  - 770  m.

Day 2: Espuguettes refuge – Bayssellance refuge. Long day ahead of us. Once descended to the beautiful valley of Gavarnie , without being able to stop contemplating the spectacle of its circus at the bottom of the valley, with the highest waterfall in France, 420m and the Gap of Roland in the background, we headed towards the Grange de Holle to enter the beautiful and wild Ossoue Valley, taking the trans-Pyrenean GR10 and gaining altitude to the Lac de Ossoue , where the climb soon hardens, rising parallel to the Ossoue waterfall, crossing snowfields, waterfalls from the Ossoue Glacier, and the Bellevue caves to reach the Baysellance Refuge (the highest refuge in the Pyrenees at 2,650m) where we will spend our second night.


Distance:  21km             Slope:  + 1,590m.  - 940m


Day 3:  Bayssellance Refuge - Bujaruelo Refuge . We begin the day with a small ascent to the Hourquette de Ossoue from where we will descend towards the Oulettes de Gaube refuge, from where we will enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the North face of Vignemale . From here we begin the last ascent of the day towards Puerto de los Mulos, from where we will begin a long descent through the Ara River valley, passing the great circus of the Ara River and the place of its birth, to the idyllic place where the Refuge is located. from Bujaruelo , where we will spend our third night.

Distance:  21km             Slope:  + 810m.  - 2,110m.


Day 4:  Bujaruelo Shelter - Góriz Shelter . Beautiful day in which we will climb through a beautiful and green valley to the port of Bujaruelo saving about 1,000 meters of difference in level in about 4 kms. From the port we have postcard views, with a panoramic view of part of the Gavarnie Valley. We turn off towards the Sarradets Refuge , nestled in an incredibly beautiful place, in the heart of the Gavarnie cirque and just below the Roland Gap , which we will reach after a short climb. If the day is good, we will deviate to reach the summit of Taillón (3,144m). From La Brecha, we will descend to the downloader pass, to head through the Llanos de Millares to the Góriz Refuge , where we will spend our fourth night after a spectacular day.


Distance:  16km             Slope:  + 1,690m.  - 830  m.


Day 5: Góriz Refuge – Pineta Refuge . If the day allows it, we will start the day with the ascent to the third summit of the Pyrenees with 3,348m, Monte Perdido . On the descent we go through Góriz again to head along the GR11 towards the Arrablo pass to descend along the Arrablo riverbank to the beginning of the impressive Añisclo Canyon , where we must go up the  A Balle to Collado de Añisclo. At this point, we will once again contemplate the Pineta Valley and a long descent will lead us to the Pineta Refuge , where we will spend our last night and conclude this magnificent trek.


Distance:  15km              Slope:  + 850m.  - 1,800m.

Total distance:  89km         Total slope:  + 6,450m.  - 6,450 m.          Level: ***


It includes:

  • Certified Mountain Guide Service with AEGM-UIMLA accreditation.

  • Five nights of accommodation in shelters.

  • Five half boards (dinner + breakfast) in the shelters.

  • Collective security material.

  • Accident insurance and RC.


Does not include:

  • Transport.

  • Any other item not mentioned as included.


  • In the shelters you can buy picnics for each day, avoiding carrying weight.

  • The route may be altered depending on the weather conditions, availability in the shelters and/or other types of circumstances, always keeping in mind the safety of the group.


Price: €570*  (VAT included)  * Price per person. (Picos Outdoor only benefits from the guide service).
Group of 4 to 8 people