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Circular Posets - Maladetas / Pyrenees
Trekking Pirineos

In Benasque Valley, in the Aragonese Pyrenees, are the two highest peaks of the Pyrenees: the Aneto, with 3,404m and el Posets Peak, of 3,375 meters altitude. Staying in the different refuges that surround these mountains, we will carry out a fascinating circular trekking within this spectacular Posets-Maladetas Natural Park, enjoying the great Pyrenean valleys, such as Estós and Ballibierna, through which the GR11 runs,  its beautiful peaks and ridges, lakes, ravines, flora, fauna, its beautiful towns and their stories.


To put the cherry on top of this trekking, we will ascend the Posets summit, saving a significant unevenness, although with little technical difficulty. The views over the many peaks that exceed 3,000 meters will be well worth the effort put in. A high altitude trekking, in a magnificent setting.

For six days, we will visit this beautiful Natural Park of the Aragonese Pyrenees, stayings in their refuges and getting to know some of the wildest, most emblematic and beautiful places in these  massifs.



Meeting point: Benasque.              Duration: 6 days.

Day 1: Benasque – Angel Orús Refuge. From Benasque, capital of Ribagorza, we will go to the Ángel Orús refuge from an emblematic place such as the Benasque Mountain School, ascending the route of the three ravines, towards the Siso pass at about 2,200m near Tuca del Mont, where we can enjoy exceptional views of the Benasque Valley. We will descend passing through the destroyed Clot de Chill refuge towards the Eriste Valley to take the path that comes from Eriste at about 1,800m and make the last ascent of the day, reaching the Ángel Orús Refuge (2,100m), where we will spend our first night after a demanding but spectacular first day.


Distancia:  9 Km.                   Elevation gain:  + 1,570m.  - 730m.

Day 2: Ángel Orús Refuge - Posets Peak - Viadós Refuge. Day of ascent to thesecond summit of the Pyrenees with 3,375m, the Tuca de Posets or Punta Llardana. From the refuge we will go to the Canal Fonda, to go up this to the base of the exceptional Llardana tooth. From here we will only have to ascend the upper part of this great Mountain, an exceptional summit to enjoy its views and keep them in the memory. We will go down the Fonda Channel to go to the Llardaneta lake and ascend to theCol de La Forqueta, at 1,900m, from where we will make a long descent that will take us to the Viadós Refuge (1,700m), where we will spend our second night after a day to remember.

Distancia:  13 Km.                   Elevation gain:  + 1,750m.  - 1.940m.

Day 3: Refuge of Viadós – Refuge of Estós. We leave the Viadós refuge taking the historic GR11 path towards the Chistau ravine, which we will follow to the base of Chistau Peak, at about 2,600 meters. In this hill begins, the precious Estós Valley, which we will descend between the peaks of Posets and Batisielles to our right and Tucas d'O, Gorgs Bllancs and Perdiguero to our left,  until we reach the Estós Refuge (1,870m), where we will spend the third night of this magnificent trekking..

Distancia:  11 Km.                  Elevation gain:  + 1.250m.  -900m.

Day 4:Estós Refuge – Cap de Llauset Refuge. Today we will walk the whole day through the mythicalGR 11. We continue descending this magnificent Estós Valley, going through theTurmo cabin until the confluence with the Valle de Benasque at Camping Aneto, where we will deviate towards the Senarta Plan to enter another beautiful valley such as that of Ballibierna, which we will walk in its entire length to the Llauset pass, passing through the Coronas Cabin, the southern slope of Las Maladetas and the Aneto Peak among others. Once at the Col de Llauset, a small descent will leave us the Cap de Llauset refuge (2,420m), where we will rest after a long but excellent stage. The place where the Refuge is located is worth the effort.

Distancia:  25 Km.                   Elevation gain:  + 1,680m.  - 1,290m.

Day 5: Cap de Llauset refuge – La Renclusa refuge. Spectacular day with a great high mountain environment the one ahead of us. We leave the hospitable Cap de Llauset Refuge to head towards the spectacular and mythical Salenques-Tempestades ridge, surrounding the Cap de Llauset lake and ascending towards the Ibón Negro and the La Cap de la Val lake, between which we will pass to head towards the Salenques pass, at 2,820m on the mythical ridge that goes from Tuc de Molières to Aneto. From the Salenques pass we will make a long descent along the north slope of theaneto, enjoying its huge shovel and making out the crest of the gates to the beautiful Plan de Aigualluts, from where we will ascend to the Renclusa pass. After a small descent we will arrive at the Refuge of La Renclusa (2,150m) where we will enjoy a good dinner and spend the night.

Distancia:  12 Km.                   Elevation gain:  + 1,620m.  - 2.040m.

Day 6: Refuge of La Renclusa – Benasque. Last day of this magnificent trekking that we begin by returning to theAigualluts Planto begin the descent of the Valley and contemplate theForum of Aiguallutsbefore having a coffee in La Besurta, and contemplating the northern slope ofthe maladetaamong many other peaks. We continue walking through the fantasticBenasque Valleypassing through the Plan de Están, Llanos del Hospital and descending through the Baños de Benas to Senarta and reaching the starting and ending point of this trekking, the beautiful town ofBenasqueand specifically theBenasque Mountain School, where we will enjoy dinner, and we will conclude this magnificent trekking, which we will say goodbye with breakfast the next morning after a more than deserved rest.

Distancia:  23 Km.                   Elevation gain:  + 740m.  - 1.710m.

Total Distance:  93Km.           Total Elevation gain:  + 8.610m.   - 8.610m.



  • ServiceMountain guidecertified and licensedAEGM-UIMLA.

  • Six nights of accommodationin shelters.

  • Six half boards (dinner+breakfast)in the shelters.

  • Collective security material.

  • Accident insurance and RC.

  • Picos Outdoor breathable 42k t-shirt.


Does not include:

  • Transport.

  • Any other item not mentioned as included.


  • In the shelters you can buy picnics for each day, avoiding carrying weight.

  • The route may be altered depending on weather conditions, availability in shelters and/or other circumstances, always thinking about the safety of the group.


Price: €690(VAT included)  * Price per person. (Picos Outdoor only benefits from the guide service). ​
Group of 4 to 8 people

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