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Ponga Natural Park_2 days
Senderismo Asturias

Ponga Natural Park is a natural reserve with a protected area of ​​about 20,000ha, all within the Asturian council of Ponga, located in central area of the Cantabrian Mountains Range, very close Picos de Europa National Park, and with excellents views to them.


This park preserves a lot of forests, of which the most representative are the beech woods. We can also find wooded masses formed by yew, oak, birch, maple and alder. Of these forest formations, the most important is the Peloño Nature Reserve, a large beech forest about 15 square kilometers, of great ecological importance. In the villages of Taranes, Beleños and Abiegos we can see extensive plantations of chestnut trees.


The fauna of the area has the most species belonging to the Asturian mountain. Of all the species we can highlight the brown bear, deer, roe deer, chamois and wild boars. In rivers is remarkable otter and muskrat. As for the birds, we can highlight the golden eagle, griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture and the goshawk. In the vast forests are forest birds like the Cantabrian Capercaillie, medium peak and the black woodpecker.


For two days, we will visit this beautiful and unfrequented area of ​​the Cantabrian Mountains, discovering some of the lesser-known corners of this spectacular Natural Park. We will complete the activity, with ascents of the most emblematic summits of the area, that give us beautiful views.


Meeting Point: City Hall Square San Juan de Beleño.                                     Duration: 2 days.

Day 1: Peloño Forest and Ventaniella Refuge.

On our first day of trekking, we depart from Les Bedules, the starting point of our route. A route of great beauty to the partial Peloño Nature Reserve, a large beech forest about 15 square kilometers, of great ecological importance and one of the most beautiful beech groves in Asturias, maybe the prettiest. Back to Les Bedules to head to Ventaniella (1.158m), historical refuge, with church and long green field which we will stand during these days.



Day 2: Arcenorio glaciar valley.

From Ventaniella (1.158m), we headed towards the pass of Arriondes, between Peña Ten (2.142m) and Peña Pileñes (2.012m) peaks, to descend Arcenorio glacier valley, natural crossroads of high mountains and singular and beautiful place. Long green field with church, which is held annually a fair that brought together the “ponguetos” with “casinos” and “leoneses” to sell livestock and, at the same time, sell agricultural products and useful artisans (wearing clogs, rakes or angazos, satchels, wine, oil, etc. .). The party still celebrated by locals and visitors every year, being the Asturian pilgrimage held at higher altitudes (1,500 m.) And without access to vehicles. Return by the same route.




  • Mountain Guide qualified with UIMLA accreditation.

  • One night accommodation in Ventaniella's shelter.

  • One half-board (dinner + breakfast) in Ventaniella's hut.

  • Collective safety equipment.

  • Accident insurance.


Not included:

  • Transport.

  • Any other item not mentioned as included.



  • In refuge picnics can be purchased for each day, avoiding carry weight.

  • There aren't blankets in refuge. Sleepingbag its mandatory.

  • The route can be altered depending on weather conditions, availability in refuge and/or other things, always thinking about safety group.


Price: 200€* (VAT included)  * Price per person

Group 4 to 8 people

Picos Outdoor only gets profit from guiding service                                      

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