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Vegabaño - Sajambre & Valdeón_3 days
Hiking Spain
Hiking Picos de Europa

This activity takes place in one of the most charming and least known and busiest areas of the Picos de Europa National Park .

Our trekking runs through the Leonese municipalities of Sajambre and Valdeón . We will enjoy the ascent to Pico Jario , an unbeatable viewpoint towards the Picos de Europa and the Cantabrian Mountains and above all the forest, which serves as an unbeatable habitat for multiple species, both flora and fauna. In addition to the ubiquitous Beech and Oak , we will find robe albar, birch, ash, chestnut, linden, yew, hazelnut and holly.

The fauna that inhabits here is abundant and varied, mainly due to the high degree of conservation and the great environmental diversity existing in this space, with the presence of the most emblematic species of the Cantabrian Mountains, such as the brown bear or the Cantabrian grouse . The most representative mammal of these mountains is the chamois . Other ungulates are wild boar, roe deer and deer or deer. Wolves are also abundant, as are marten, marten, genet, wildcat, otter, ermine, fox and badger. Among the birds, forest species stand out, such as the Cantabrian grouse, the black woodpecker, the goshawk and the sparrowhawk. In the highest areas you can find large birds of prey such as the golden eagle , the griffon vulture , the Egyptian vulture and the peregrine falcon, as well as the alpine sparrow, the nuthatch, chough, crow and crow.


The icing on the cake is accommodation at the Vegabaño Refuge , one of the most charming Refuges in the National Park, both for the environment in which it is located and for the staff who run it. We are talking about a territory whose spectacular and richness , both in natural and cultural values and the state of conservation in which it is, is a must-see and difficult to forget.


Meeting point: Parking de Soto de Sajambre. Duration: 3 days.

Day 1: Soto de Sajambre - Vegabaño Refuge - Puerto Dobres

  We start our adventure in one of the most beautiful mountain towns in the north of the peninsula, Soto de Sajambre (900m), located in an impressive environment. We will walk along a dirt track that goes into the forest and heads towards the spectacular Sajambre valley, which we can see from the Mirador de los Porros . We continue to the Vegabaño Refuge where we will take a short break and leave weight to head towards the port of Dobres and enjoy the views of the Valdeón valley . We will return to the Vegabaño Refuge along the same path to have dinner and spend the night.


Day 2: Refuge of Vegabaño - Pico Jarrio - Refuge of Vegabaño

On our second day of trekking, we headed to the summit of Pico Jarrio (1,912m) . The views, both towards the Western Massif, especially the southern face of Peña Santa de Castilla, as well as the Central Massif and the Cantabrian Mountains, are impressive. We will descend to the charming Vegabaño Refuge where we will enjoy a generous dinner and a well-deserved rest.


Day 3: Vegabaño - Roblón de Cuesta Fría - Soto de Sajambre.

We start from the Vegabaño Refuge and head towards the Collado del Frade. After crossing some meadows and a small river, we go a little deeper into the forest to reach the Roblón de Cuesta Fría , a true Natural Monument. We will return to Vegabaño along the same path and we only have to descend through the forest, to Soto de Sajambre , where our adventure ends.




It includes:

  • Mountain Guide Service titled and with AEGM-UIMLA accreditation.

  • Two nights of accommodation at the Vegabaño Refuge.

  • Two half pensions (dinner + breakfast) in the Vegabaño Refuge.

  • Collective security material.

  • Accident and RC insurance.


Does not include:

  • Transport.

  • Any other item not mentioned as included.


  • There are blankets in the refuge. With carrying a thin bag or a sheet bag, it is enough.

  • In the refuge you can buy a picnic for the daily food and avoid carrying weight.

  • The route may be altered depending on weather conditions, availability at the refuge and / or other types of circumstances, always thinking about the safety of the group.

Price: 325 € * (VAT included). * Price per person

Group of 4 to 8 people

Picos Outdoor only benefits from the guide service

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